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Establishing and implementing an AED program does not have to be a daunting, research filled task! Resuscicare offers Consultation Services that can help you establish and implement a successful AED Program. As an AED distributor, we are well-versed on Pennsylvania Good Samaritan laws that govern the use & maintenance of AEDs and we can help you or your organization become compliant with all regulatory statutes.

Our Management Program

We know that keeping track of your assets may be a time-consuming task! Why not let us help you do that with our AED Management Program? Resuscicare offers an AED Management Program that includes:

  • Semi-annual on-site inspections with reports.

    • Along with Philips Onsite® AED daily self-checks & client weekly checks, Resuscicare will conduct a site visit semi-annually to ensure that your AED is operating per the manufacturer's guideliines, is free of any unseen damage & passes functional tests that determine whether the unit requires servicing or is in good working order, compiling those results in a comprehensive report for your records.
  • Expiration date tracking on Pads & Batteries.

    • Because all AED components bare expiration dates based on Manufacturer Warranty timelines, it may be difficult to keep an accurate log of the many parts that go into assuring your AED is in good working order. We help you track warranty and expiration dates for all those components, most importantly, the unit itself, defibrillation pads, and batteries.
  • Email notifcations for Recalls, Updates & Expired Equipment.

    • Because an AED is a life-saving device, it is important to us to keep you informed. We are diligent in keeping our clients informed of any recalls, updates and/or expired equipment that may impede the proper functioning of your AED.
  • Event Data Downloads.*

    • In the unfortunate event you need to use your AED, we are able to provide you with event data downloads of the information automatically logged by the unit during its' operation.

      *Because of travel distances, this service may not be availble to all our clients or may incur additional costs beyond that of the Management Program itself.
  • CPR & AED Training.**

    • As an added bonus to opting into our AED Management Program, we will provide you with a one-time CPR & AED training class for 5 people at no additional charge.

      **Requires the purchase of a Philips Onsite AED and AED Management Program to qualify.

Purchase an AED

You can purchase an AED by calling us toll-free at 1-877-395-9989 or by emailing us at Not sure about making a purchase and want some more information, get a free quote by clicking HERE.

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