Did you know that an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has an expiration date? Every AED on the market has what is called a manufacturer's warranty expiration date. While most warranties are substantial in duration, all AEDs should eventually be replaced to ensure that you are in possession of a functional unit. Here are the top 4 frequently asked questions that address why you should replace your "out-of-warranty" AED.


Q: Why does the age of my AED matter?
A: The American Hospital Association's 2004 'Estimated Useful Lives of Depreciable Hospital Assests' lists the life expectancy of a defibrillator at five (5) years. Even if batteries have been replaced and/or updates have been made to the unit, internal components will age and lose effectiveness over time. The warranty period will tell you how long the manufacturer expects the AED to operate successfully.
Q: Do I need to replace my AED if parts are still available?
A: The responsibility of repairing AEDs that are not under warranty is left to the customer and can cost over $2000.00 - MORE THAN THE COST OF A NEW UNIT.
Q: I have never used my AED, should I still replace it?
A: In order to save a life, you want your device to be in the best condition possible. Many units today turn themselves on and off to perform functional checks, so even if the AED has never been deployed, it has been in service during its' lifetime.
Q: Is AED technology constantly changing?
A: Yes. AED manufacturers are always working on making their products easier for the lay-rescuer to use. Improvements on how an AED analyzes heart rhythms, gives voice prompts and delivers shocks are constantly being made.

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